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What Happnes In Vegas Stays in Vegas

Name: What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas
Author: yesungholic
Pairing: YeWon (main) EunHae
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Romance, angst, drama,
Warnings: Abuse of alcohol, use of drugs
Length: 11/?
Disclaimer:I don't own them and never will
Summary:  Super Junior spent some time in the Sin City, but then, two of the members wake up with more things than a hangover.
A/N: I'm so sorry that I took so long! I beg for forgiveness! 



“What do you think?” Donghae asked while looking to Siwon and Yesung from far away. Those two looked so weird, especially Siwon, but then again, the golden boy revealed that he was one of the weirdest people in the universe, while Yesung was acting like a very normal person, which he never did, but then again, Donghae never spent too much time looking and thinking about Yesung, it only started when those two decided to get married.. “I think the golden boy lost it...and I think he developed a drinking problem...which is kinda funny if you think about it.”

Eunhyuk said and continued eating his dinner, not even bothering to look in the same direction as his friend and band member. Donghae just drank a little of his water and continued scanning the two of them, trying to read their lips. He wanted to know what they were talking about! Siwon looked pissed and Yesung just looked bored. What were they talking about and why did they looked like that? “It's not any of your business.” Eunhyuk said and Donghae looked at him with wide eyes. Did Eunhyuk just read his thoughts? “You say everything you think.” Donghae just felt embarrassed and continued eating, but his eyes never leaving the other two in front of him.

“He's still looking!” Siwon said as he continued drinking his wine, trying to ignore the intense glare from the other band member. “I know...he's creeping me out!” Yesung said as he stopped eating his desert that he was enjoying very much moments ago. But thanks to Donghae, staring at them in such a way, he couldn't even find his appetite anymore. He crossed his arms and continued looking to the people in the restaurant, ignoring that intense stare on him. “It's your fault too. You said you wanted, and I quote, a nice dinner with your husband!”

Yesung said while looking to Siwon from the corner of his eyes, his expression cold and annoyed. Siwon just rolled his eyes and started wishing he had more wine on his glass so he could drink and get drunk. So yeah, maybe Donghae was right and he was developing a drinking problem, but right now, he couldn't care less. “But is it a lie? You're my husband, aren't you?” Siwon asked with a teasing grin on his face, knowing the older man wouldn't like those words at all. He didn't know but he felt like teasing Yesung for as long as he could. “Whatever...Just don't mention it anymore.” Yesung said and continued looking to his chocolate cake. He wanted to eat it, but at the same time he couldn't even look at it.

“Why not? I didn't lie...we're married...” Siwon made a pause and placed his elbows on the table, so that way he was closer to Yesung. The older man raised a brow, not understanding why the younger was doing that, but then again, it was Siwon, so he wouldn't even bother to think about it for much longer. “And we did had make out more than once.” Again, Yesung glared to Siwon and couldn't even come up with a witty comeback, at least not right away. He wouldn't allow someone like Siwon to have the last word. “How surprising. The hormonal guy thinks he discovered something man kind hasn't!”

Yesung said, crossing his arms and looking to the younger man with the same annoyed, bored face. “Just because we made out, doesn't mean we're best friends, or a couple! It's just hormones.” He made a pause and looked to Siwon. “And I just bet you haven't released your hormones in a LONG time.” Yesung couldn't help but grin at his own comment. “Afraid you'll go to hell for touching yourself down there?” Siwon couldn't hide how much he was blushing when he heard that comment. His eyes wouldn't leave Yesung's expression and the more he looked, the worst the blush got.

With that, the older man got up from his sit and Siwon couldn't help but wonder what he meant by that. The taller man didn't even stopped himself. He payed, probably more than he owned, and went after Yesung. “WAIT UP!” He called. Yesung looked at him with a surprised face and before he could close the doors, not wanting to hear Siwon for the time being, the taller one managed to enter it and the surprisingly slow doors were closer. The older just rolled his eyes and cursed the person who created those words.

“What?” Yesung asked and he clicked the button to their floor. Siwon allowed his back to rest on the elevator's wall and he looked to the lead singer. “Why are you so cold towards me?” He asked and the older man just glared at him. He couldn't believe Siwon didn't understood a thing! Was he for real or was he just THAT slow? “I'm not cold towards you, you're just slow!” Yesung answered and he did the same thing as the younger man, both facing the elevator's walls. Siwon passed a hand through his hair and then looked to the older man from the corner of his eyes.

He wanted to say Yesung he was cold, because it was true, but at the same time he knew it was something from the older man's character, something he couldn't change, something both had to get used to. “You're just slow Siwon...sometimes I think you do it on purpose.” Yesung whispered as he looked down. It was like the elevator never got to their floor! But then again, the building was really big and they were almost on top of the hotel, so it would take a little while for them to get to their destination. “You pretend to be this good guy, the perfect son, the guy all mothers want for their daughters...but in reality you're nothing but a stupid homophobic”

Siwon wasn't sure if he was sure if he wanted to keep hearing those words. “ A homophobic who doesn't realize that being nowadays like that is one of the worst things you can be, that being like that shows how close minded you are! And that, for me, is the worst thing in the world!” He made a pause and looked straight into Siwon's eyes. “Someone I don't want to be with. Not even if I was payed!”

Yesung's voice was cold, but at the same time it cracked a little. The doors opened and the older man stepped outside not even looking to the younger man. Siwon raised a brow and walked behind the lead vocal. He waited for Yesung to open the door, and as soon that happened, the taller one grabbed his wrist and pulled him inside. “So, if I wasn't this close minded, would you want to be with me?” Siwon asked, and he didn't even noticed he was making impossible for Yesung to move.

The smaller man was between him and the door, but there was no way for him to move. He looked up and Siwon just continued staring at him. “Why do you care?” Yesung and Siwon continued staring at him with those wondering eyes. He started biting his lower lip and the pulled the older a little closer. “Just answer me...” He whispered back and couldn't take his eyes off the smaller man under him. Yesung rolled his eyes and glared to him. “How much did you drank tonight?” He asked and he could see Siwon wasn't going to answer any of his questions until his was answered first. Yesung tried to pull the taller man away, so he could actually breath, but it was no use. “No Siwon. Even if, and that's a big if, you weren't this close minded guy, I wouldn't want to be with you.”

Siwon was taken back with that answer. It wasn't something he was expecting. Actually, he thought the answer would be the complete opposite from what he heard. He pulled back a little and continued looking to Yesung, his expression showing how shocked he was. “Why not?” He asked and the older man gave him an hopeless look. “Siwon...you're...you're you, and that's something it will never change. You'll never love anyone besides yourself, and you won't love a man!” Yesung said and he took that chance to walk towards the bed. He still couldn't find his clothes. He only managed to got dressed because Siwon gave him clothes, but he had no idea where the younger man had took them.

He grabbed that old pink shirt and went towards the bathroom so he could change clothes. Siwon just stood there, looking at him, his words still inside his head. How could Yesung say those things? He didn't meant them, did he? Was he right about it? Was he right about Siwon's character? No, he couldn't be. If he was, Siwon was a bad person, and he could be many things, but he wasn't bad. “Damn it Yesung...stop playing with my mind!” He said. He felt on the bed and started unbuttoning his shirt. He closed his eyes, and didn't bothered to open them when he heard the bathroom door open again. He just continued on his exact position, and even when he felt the bed move a little, he just continued waiting for the sleep to take over him. “Good night.” He heard and then he felt the room light being turned off. He opened his eyes and the room was completely dark, and the only thing he could see was Yesung's frame under the sheets.

He started biting his lower lip and wasted no time. He removed his clothes, staying only on his boxers and in seconds he was under the sheets as well. Siwon took a deep breath and wrapped an arm around the small frame and pulled him close. His chest was hitting Yesung's back and his free hand was around his shoulders. “If you wand to cuddle yo-” He stopped his speech. He didn't want to hear Yesung. It was his turn to talk. “I think you make excuses not to me with me.” Siwon whispered, his hot breath hitting the older man's neck. “And I think the planet will end in 2012.” Yesung whispered back, his eyes still closed.

“Why are you so mean towards me?” Siwon asked but pulled Yesung a little closer to him. The older man opened his eyes and started looking to the darkness with a very serious face, but didn't said a thing. “You even ask.” He turned around and both were facing each other. Their voices were noting but whispers into the night, and Siwon just wanted to do something impulsive, something that didn't matched him at all. He didn't know what, but he wanted. “You're a narcissist, you pretend to be this good guy, you just care about yourself. And then you come to me, you almost beg me not to divorce you, to pretend this marriage was something we both wanted just so you can live at piece with your conscious. You need more? Because I can go on and on!”

“Okay, I got it! But...” Siwon made a small pause and made the older man face him, their noses brushing. Both couldn't deny the small waves of electricity. “We could make this work right?” He asked hopeful but Yesung didn't shared the same feeling. He raised a brow but then he took a long breath. He knew Siwon wouldn't stop talking about this until he got what he wanted. It was like this all the time. “This will never work, and you know it!” Yesung said and Siwon could swear he was about to smile. “I know it won't...but I can try.”








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Tags: rating: pg-15, siwon, yesung, yewon

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