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One Night Only

Title: One Night Only
Author: yesungholic
Fandom: f(x)/Infinite
Pairing: Krystal/L(Myungsoo)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None so Far
Summary: Always acused by other people that they are cold, heartless, that they don't care about anyone else besides themselves, the two of them meet by accident. It was not meant to be, and they both knew it. 

Krystal looked to the other members and couldn't help but feel a little crushed. She didn't wanted to feel that way, she didn't wanted to be jealous. She promised herself that no matter what she wouldn't be feeling those things every again. But how could she not? She couldn't help but compare herself to the other members. She was the magnae right?

She was suppose to be loved at least a little. But everyone loved Sulli because of her innocent looks and cute expressions. Most of the times they though Krystal was the older. Men loved Victoria because she was a Chinese beauty and she was getting more and more beautiful. Luna had her voice and her bubbling personality that made men drawl all over her and then there was Amber! Amber was the one who brought fame for all of them, and all of them knew it. All girls wanted do be Amber or to do Amber. But what about her? What about Krystal? Who would love her?

Everyone saw her as this bitchy, ice queen, but she wasn't! She was just doing what her management told her to do. To look cold and act sexy. At first she thought it was a good idea, that she would get people to notice her. But now people called her rude, cold and some times mean. She knew what anti's said behind her back. She wasn't stupid. And she hated when people started to compare her with her sister. She wasn't Jessica! She would never be and she didn't wanted to be! She was Krystal! A f(x) member! She wasn't a SNSD member, and she swore she would kill the next person that said she was on the wrong group. She wasn't. She was with 4girls she loved and nothing would change that.

But she couldn't help but think, who would want her real self? Who would want to be with her? She honestly thought about being with a member of SHINee. Minho or Taemin, but she couldn't even picture herself with a guy that was such a hyung-whore or with a guy that was probably prettier than her. It would be too weird. And besides, she just saw them as family. People had to understand that, inside the company it was really hard to see each other as possible lovers. They were a family and the guys there were her big brothers. She wanted someone...someone who understood her, someone who loved her no matter what. “Krystal, let's go!” She heard Victoria calling her. She got up and nodded. It was time for them to record a variety show. It was time for her to give her bitchy face. It was time to get hated.

Myungsoo looked at the mic in his hands. It would be a couple of hours before he went to stage, but the PD asked the group to do a sound test before they got ready to perform. It was their comeback, and he should be focused. He couldn't mess up. He was in Infinite! That meant they had to be coordinated, they had to be in synch no matter what. But who could he even think about being perfect on stage? He was happy they were doing their comeback, he really was. He never imagined he would love to perform with the others like he does. Each day makes him happy to be with them, but he had to admit, something was missing.

Sure, he was the visual of the group. People knew him perhaps better than the other members, but what was popularity when he felt so lonely? Even at home, when the other members talked to him and showed how much they cared for him, he would just put that same fake smile and act like nothing was wrong, even thought he couldn't think about anything else besides how much he was lonely. It didn't mattered how much people he had around him, he could still feel something empty inside him.

He wanted to be with someone that didn't minded the blank stare he would give sometimes and his personality. He wanted someone who would be next to him when he needed, he wanted someone who made him feel wanted. He wanted someone to love him. And that wasn't too much to ask for, was it? It didn't had to be the prettiest girl in the world. For all he cared she could be ugly in other people's eyes, but to him, if she loved the real him, and didn't cared about his flaws, she would become the most perfect girl in the universe because she would love him no matter what. And that was what he wanted.

And who knew that choosing a stage name that reminded people of a Japanese animation would bring the weirdest people around? He was almost positive some of his fans were crazy people who loved animation too much and saw in him the character. How weird could that get? “I've to stop thinking!” He whispered and continued looking down to his mic. For the first time, he was actually nervous to go to stage, and that almost never happened. He turned his head to the side and noticed no member was there. That meant he could just leave and go back when it was time for them to perform.

Not even thinking twice, he placed the mic on the bench and started walking as fast as he could from there before someone had the brilliant idea to call him to do something. He just continued walking and before he knew it he was finally on the halls. There was so many people there. Artists entering on the dressing rooms, their cordis going back and forward with things for them to wear, the managers always with their cell phones ringing trying to get the best things for their artists and the people that worked on the broadcast looking paranoid, hoping that nothing bad would happen, because if it did, they were sure they would lose their jobs.

Myungsoo was just relieved he didn't had to be with people around him telling him what to do, at least not now. “I'm going outside.” he whispered. He wanted to catch some air. He was feeling like he was about to die inside of that place. He had to admit he was glad people didn't cared about who he was. There he was just one more artist. And people there were so tired of seeing artists they didn't cared about it anymore. “Myungsoo, where are you going?” He heard. He knew that voice. It was the PD. Not even looking back he continued walking, this time a little faster, pretending he didn't heard a thing, but when he heard his name being called again, he started running. He wanted to be alone. Just for a couple of minutes. Was that too much to ask for? Just for a little while!

He continued walking and because he was starting to get so paranoid about the PD still being after him, he didn't even noticed the people walking on the opposite direction. He just looked one last time to the corridor and took a relieved breath. No one was following him anymore. Thankfully. Because he knew that PD. And he knew that the guy wouldn't give up until he got what he wanted, but Myungsoo wasn't really on the mood to listen to the guy.

Still looking to the end of the hall, Myungsoo turned only to bump into someone. The impact was really strong, but thankfully he didn't felt on the floor, but felt a strong pain on his chest. He placed his right hand on his chest, massaging it and then looked to the front, seeing who was the person that just bumped against him. “Are you blind?”

He asked but was surprised by two things. First, he and the person he just had a small impact with said the same thing at the same time, and second, the person was no more than f(x) member, Krystal. Both started looking to each other and didn't know what to say. It was so embarrassing and awkward. “...Sorry?” Myungsoo asked. That was what he needed. Bump against the temperamental ice queen. That was exactly what he needed to finish his day.

so, what you guys think???
Tags: fandom: f(x), fandom: infinite, krystal, myungsoo, rating: pg-13

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