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One Night Only

Title:One Night Only 
Author: yesungholic
Fandom: f(x)/Infinite
Pairing: Krystal/L(Myungsoo)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None so Far
Summary: Always acused by other people that they are cold, heartless, that they don't care about anyone else besides themselves, the two of them meet by accident. It was not meant to be, and they both knew it.



“Seriously, are you blind?” Krystal said as she continued starting to the man in front of her. This was exactly what she needed. To see the blank stare coming from Myungsoo. That was exactly what she needed to make her feel better. “Hey, it isn't my fault! You were the one who hit my chest!” He said. He wasn't really on the mood to talk to a spoiled girl that would make his free minutes a living hell. He just wanted to get rid of her and go outside.

Was that too hard to ask for? All he wanted, all he needed were 2minutes alone. With no one to annoy him! Specially a little ice queen like Krystal. If it was someone like Luna or Victoria he would actually be happy about it, but her? No, not at all. He hated to admit, but he was rather scared that she could say something rude to him.

“Me? I was walking slowly but then you come against me making my hair look all messy and I don't even want to see how my nose is, but it hurts a lot!” She said touching her currently red nose and Myungsoo couldn't help but roll his eyes annoyed. He just looked at her and continued seeing her cold eyes. “I'm so sorry your majesty, next time I'll make sure I hit you on a place where no one can see!” He said with a sarcastic tone but Krystal just continued glaring at him, feeling her blood boil. She didn't know why, but she never liked Myungsoo.

They did that photo shoot together, but she never liked him, and when they were forced to take some photos together, she could swear she was about to punch him on the face. “It's amazing how you still didn't apologized!” She said in a low tone but he didn't heard a thing. He was paying more attention to their surroundings, seeing if that PD was still after him.

And said and done! He just needed to think about him and there was the man, calling him on top of his lungs, with a very pissed face. “Are you listening to me?” Krystal asked, even more pissed. She hated to be ignored, and he wasn't making things better for her. “Crap!” He cursed and without even thinking he grabbed her hand and dragged them away from the hall. He didn't wanted the man to see him no matter what. “Hey, let me go!” Krystal complained but Myungsoo continued ignoring her.

He started running and she had no choice but do the same. He was holding her wrist too tightly and she couldn't pull away. “Go slower! I'm on heels!” She tried to make him go slower, but it seemed the more she complained the faster he would go. He opened a random door and he didn't even knew what was it. He just closed the door behind Krystal and took a deep breath, relieved that he managed to get away from the PD and that the annoying girl next to him was quiet and wasn't talking. “Wait...” He whispered to himself and looked around.

No way. Did he...just locked himself and Krystal...on a dusty, old, janitor's closet? His eyes almost popped when he realized and looked down at her. She had a raised brow and was ready to hit him on the face if it was necessary. “Oh shit!” He cursed and she just felt like clap to the genius in front of him. “Is this the part where I scream for help or not?” She asked and he just placed a hand on her mouth, stopping her from a possible scandal. This was bad, really bad! He locked himself with Krystal! Of all people, he locked himself on a small, janitor's closet with the bitchy, rude princess from f(x)!

And everyone knew why people liked janitor's closets! “This is bad, really, really bad!” He said and she continued looking to him not understanding what he meant. She just wanted to leave, go back to her broadcast and forget this little episode happened. She tried to talk but since she had his hand covering her mouth, she couldn't say a thing.

He continued freaking out and covering her mouth. He didn't wanted her to talk. He had to think, and if she talk, he couldn't think, and if he couldn't think he couldn't come up with a great excuse to explain her why they were both locked on a place that worked to people make out and make babies.

“If I take my hand, you promise you won't scream?” He asked and she just glared at him. He knew this would be a bad idea, but he didn't had a choice did he. She needed to breath, and if he continued covering her mouth, she would probably die and how bad it would look for him? 'Infinite visual kills ice princess Krystal!' It would be so bad for his reputation and his management would probably kick him out of the group, and if that happened, it would be really bad. “Okay, I'm going to take my hand, but please don't scream.” She just nodded and he removed his hand very slowly and took a deep breath enjoying the silence.

She just continued glaring at him and didn't said a word. What could she say? She was as confused as the man in front of her, but she could swear she was about to kill him if he didn't gave her an explanation right away. “I'm sorry okay? I had no intentions to bring you here...It was an accident. I was just...”

“Running away from the PD.” She said and Myungsoo couldn't help but raise a brow when he heard it. He nodded and for the first time, since they meet, Krystal gave him a small, yet honest smile. If only she was like this all the time, he thought to himself but continued looking at her. “I know how that is.” He continued looking at him puzzled but she continued giving him the small, miss-know-it-all smile. “I was doing the same.” She admitted and Myungsoo couldn't help but smirk when he heard it. So he wasn't lonely on the fight against annoying PD's! That was actually a little comforting.

They continued looking to each other, and didn't said a word. Not until Myungsoo realized how close they were. A little close to comfort. He tried to give a couple of steps so the two of them could have some space, but it seemed the more he moved, the closer the two of them got. It was so uncomfortable. He didn't wanted to be so close to her. He wanted to have space. He didn't wanted to that close, not to her. “Are we going to stay here forever without saying a word or what? Because I think a wall can be more entertaining than you.”

Krystal spoke and Myungsoo woke up from his deep thoughts and looked to her. “Since when YOU want talk to ME?” He asked and she just gave him one of her famous blank stares that made him almost laugh. He couldn't believe he was there with her. It was a nightmare and a joke at the same time, and he didn't know what to do. It was so awkward to be with her on the same room. He wasn't used to be close to a girl, especially if that girl was Krystal.

“..Are you done with your broadcast?” He didn't know why he asked it, but he did and now he couldn't take it back. She looked at him a little surprised. “Yes, why?” She asked he continued looking at him. “...wanna leave this place and go get something to eat?” Myungsoo asked and Krystal couldn't help but show him a small smile but at the same time she looked to him with a suspicious look. “I thought you had a broadcast too.” He gave her a small smile. “Just in 4hours...” he paused. “Let's go or you think it will be bad for the ice queen to go eat with the blank stare?” He asked and she almost laughed. She wasn't expecting him to call himself that. “Sure...why not?”
Tags: fandom: f(x), fandom: infinite, krystal, myungsoo, rating: pg-13

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