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One Night Only

Title:One Night Only
Author: yesungholic
Fandom: f(x)/Infinite
Pairing: Krystal/L(Myungsoo)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None so Far
Summary: Always accused by other people that they are cold, heartless, that they don't care about anyone else besides themselves, the two of them meet by accident. It was not meant to be, and they both knew it.

“No way, so Victoria-noona is really dating Nichkhun-hyung?” Myungsoo asked the same time he continued drinking his soda. He still couldn't believe what just happened. He and Krystal had literally run away from the building, without saying a word to anyone, and now they had finished dinner that was only noddles and were walking by the Han river with cans of soda in their hands. It felt a little awkward and weird, but at the same time it felt nice. “It's true. Everyone thinks it's just a show, but it was a matter of time for them to be together. You should see...they just have eyes for each other.”

She said with a small smile on her face. Both continued walking and Krystal just continued daydreaming about how her life would be if she was in Victoria's place. She would be happier, for sure. “But you think it's going to last?” He asked and Krystal nodded while looking down to her shoes but then to the river again. She didn't said anything at first.

She just continued quiet, listening to every single sound around her. “Yeah..at least I hope so....They really love each other.” She said with a small smile. “I envy them you know...they have each other when they most need while I...don't.” Myungsoo raised a brow. She looked different, and he didn't know what was it, but he had to admit, he didn't liked it.

He wasn't used to see her like that. He wasn't used to see her looking so..human! “Okay, this is weird.” He spoke and she looked at him with a suspicious look not understanding what the older man next to him meant by that. Myungsoo looked at her and continued showing her his uncomfortable look. “You...me...talking...being civilized!”

He made a pause and looked down to his feet. “It's really weird, and I don't think I'm going to get used to it.” She nodded and understood what he meant. It was indeed weird. It wasn't normal for the two of them to actually talk. Usually they would exchange a couple of words, not so nice, and that was it. There was a point where Krystal started wondering if she felt on the floor with the impact and hit with her head. “I get it. I feel the same.” She said and started drinking her soda, not wanting to say a single thing.

Myungsoo started looking around and didn't know what to say. It was starting to get so awkward, and she wasn't helping either. She was there, drinking her soda and nothing else. “Can I ask you something?” He asked and at first she didn't answered. She just looked at him, and he could swear her cold eyes were about to freeze his soul. “Sure.” She said and he could feel his legs shacking when she said it. He was trying to calm down and he just looked at her. “Why did you said..you envied Nichkhun-hyung and Victoria-noona? I mean...you're Krystal! I bet all guys are after you!”

She almost laughed. She swore she was about to laugh when she heard those things. He looked at her and saw the small, weak smile on her face. Now he wasn't understanding a single thing that was happening there. “Me? Please...Guys fear me. There are even rumors I kill guys with my eyes!” Krystal said and Myungsoo just started biting his lips. It was true. Since Krystal debuted all sorts of rumors followed her, and he, of most men, knew them all. And now, he felt like the worst person in the world. “While guys drawl all over the girls of my group...they do everything they can to be away from me...”

He couldn't help but feel bad for her. He knew how girls her age were. They wanted to be loved, they wanted to have a boyfriend. And he also knew Krystal wasn't one of the group of girls that was loved by the world. “that bitchy, rude person is not me!” She said and now he caught his attention more than before. He looked at her and stopped walking. “I'm not that mean, I hate when people compare me to my sister...and I hate when people call me rude!” She couldn't believe it. She was about to cry, and she was about to cry in front of Myungsoo, the last guy in the world she would wish for.

“It's my management that tells me to do those things!” She paused for a second. “I want to smile on broadcasts, I want to be hyper and funny like Luna, I want to be able to act cute for 2seconds like Sulli...I don't to act like a 26year old person. I'm 17 for god's sake. I'm the youngest! Why can't people see that?” She asked feeling the tears rolling down her cheeks. He didn't know what to do. He didn't know what he should do when a person cried, specially when that person was Krystal.

He was now looking at her with different eyes, but understood what she was feeling. He also showed to the world someone he wasn't. He knew that too well. “Give me your hand.” Myungsoo said, instead of comforting words that he probably should have said. She looked at him with a raised brow, still feeling her eyes with tears. “Just do it!” Not saying anything else, Krystal gave him her left hand. She gasped when she felt him pulling her next to him and suddenly he had his hands on her waist. She didn't know what was happening, but for some reason she was blushing so hard she could swear her cheeks would be the same color as her skirt.

Myungsoo held her close and turned her body around, so her back was hitting his chest. She could feel his hot breath against her cheek and that only made her more nervous, if that was possible. With no warning, he lifted her a little and before she knew it, she was seat on the metal bars that protected people from falling to the Han River. “Every time I'm sad or about to cry...I come here, sit where you are and I just look to the lights...It calms me.” He said but she didn't heard a thing. All she could pay attention to know was the fact his hands were gone and were replaced by to strong arms around her waist.

Myungsoo didn't said a word or didn't even noticed their current position, not until he felt Krystal move a little. When he realized what he was doing he could swear he was about to die of embarrassment. “I'm so sorry! I didn't meant to!” He said and moved his arms away from her, but as he did, he saw her lose balance and scream. “DON'T LET GO!” She screamed, sure she would fall on the river. She knew how to swim, but she wasn't sure if she could save herself on that water. He held her again, tightly this time and he felt her shiver, happy that he caught her before it was too late.

“...Jerk!” She said but both of them started laughing when they realized what just happened. It was a funny situation if they thought about it, so they just decided to laugh. He supported his chin on her right shoulder and the two of them just continued looking to the view. The lights were like small stars and Krystal couldn't help but imagine how were the people who lived in those houses. Were they happy, were they young, were they old?

And why in the world she felt so comfortable in his arms? It didn't made sense at all. “Sorry...” she said and he raised a brow but didn't moved a muscle. “For what?” He asked not understanding what he meant by that. “I've been an idiot...you don't deserve a little spoiled princess to annoy you when you have your own problems.” Myungsoo was even more confused but couldn't help but smile. He did the exact same thing didn't he? He wasn't exactly the nicest person when it came to talk with. Either of them said a word, not until he remembered in a matter of hours he had to go back and this would end. “I'm so not in the mood to record right now...It's so late...and I've to work...”

He complained and she smiled.“Don't think about it. Think about good things like....” She started biting her lower lip trying to come up with something, but she couldn't think of anything. Usually when she didn't wanted to perform people saw it on her face, but she couldn't tell him to do that. She didn't want someone to go through the things she did. “Wanna go for a bike ride?” He asked and she couldn't be even more confused. “It's 12AM...and I'm on heels!”

“No worries! I know where we can rent one and don't worry about the heels.” He said and all she did was look at him. “Are you going to kidnap me? Because I warn you, I'll be missed!” She said and he just smiled. It was the first time she saw him smiling like that. It was a bright, happy smile, and she wasn't used to that at all. She was used to a smirk or a cocky smile, not this one. “Don't worry, I would need to think of a master plan to do that. And it's not worth kidnap you when I know you'll come with me willing.”

She looked at him with wide eyes but Myungsoo didn't waited for an answer. Instead he grabbed her and started walking towards a very small house. She saw an old man smiling to them and just asked them if they needed a bike. He didn't even recognized them, and it was good, at least in Krystal's point of view, specially because they were holding hands. Myungsoo grabbed the bike and seat, but continued looking to her. “Come on, seat in front of me!” He spoke still smiling but she didn't said a thing. Instead she did what he told her to.

He started pedaling very slowly so he could balance himself with her. She was lighter than she looked, which meant a lot, since she was really skinny. “Who knew the ice queen wasn't that bitchy?” He tried not to laugh when he felt her slap his arm but she was trying her best not to smile when he said it.“I hate you.” She said and she just continued smiling. “I hate you too, don't worry.” He continued pedaling, both in pure bliss. She could feel the wind on her face and it felt so good, she felt so free. It was exactly what she needed! But they couldn't help but feel that as soon he went to record, this would end, they would go back to the way they were. The cold, awkward way they always were. He seemed to sense it, a lot.

Myungsoo stopped the bike and she looked at him confused. “Why did you stopped?” She asked and he looked down to her, biting his lower lip. “...you know what will happen as soon I go back, don't you?” She nodded. She didn't wanted to talk about it, she didn't wanted to think about it. She looked down. “Hey, look at me...” She refused to but then she was forced to look up because he placed his hand under his chin. Krystal's heart almost exploded. She had no idea what was happening, but now it didn't seemed to be important. “I'm going to screw this up if you don't help me.”

“Help you?” She asked and he nodded with a small smile on her face. “...I'm not good with words Krystal...I think you understood that now.” She nodded and continued staring at him and didn't what she should say or do. She just managed to smile a little. “Why are you smiling?” He asked. “You called me Krystal...for the first time...Oppa” He smiled and without even thinking he pressed his forehead against hers. She could swear she was going to have a heart attack, and he felt the exact same thing. “And it's the first time you call me Oppa...” They stood there, looking into each others eyes, not saying a thing. He wanted something. He wanted it bed, and he could she she wanted it too. He started to move his face closer to hers and whispered “This is wrong...” Krystal said and he nodded. “I know...but let it be wrong for a little while...”
Tags: fandom: f(x), fandom: infinite, krystal, myungsoo, rating: pg-13

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