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Undergroud Bar

Title: nderground Bar
Pairing: Han/Woohyun
Wordcount: .387
Rating: G-13
Summar LuHan eluctant to go to a club with his friend after a bad break-up. What will happen when he meets a certain singer? (I suck at summaries!)
A/N: his is my first post here and my frist EXO/Infinite fic. I posted this previously on my tumblr on aff, but decided to post a longer version here.
Warnings: Un-Beta

“I told you a million times!” A blond beauty started speaking as his so called friend dragged him to the underground bar. He had told him he didn’t want to go. He had told him he had to prepare himself for his exam; to prepare himself for the exam that would decide if he was going to keep his sorry ass on college or if he was doomed to leave and to have a miserable job like so many others. Okay, maybe he was exaggerating, but he still had to study! “I don’t want to go! I don’t want to have people around me!”

“Aish Luhan! You’re so annoying! We already settled this! You’re coming and that’s over.” Luhan looked to his friend and glared at him. His so called friend Jongdae, or Chen, as he liked to be called glared at him and not wanting to hear the winning of the blond man. Seriously, why was he so stubborn? “Since you and Sehun broke up you haven’t left your apartment. It’s pitiful!” Luhan pouted. What was he supposed to do? His boyfriend broke up with him, saying that they were too different. That it was his fault things changed, not Luhan’s. In other words, he had felt in love with a guy named Jongin and was trying to find an excuse to ease the break up. It was hard.

Sehun was his boyfriend for 2years. He was the first person he met when he moved to Korea from China. He was the one who made his black and white world colorful.  Sehun was the one who made him the man he was; so yeah. It felt horrible to have that taken away from him. it felt horrible to have his dear boyfriend being stolen by some kid with plump lips, dark skin and a killer smile. It made him feel like no matter how much he tried, he could never compete with such a man. “You don’t have to compete with him hyung…one day, someone will love you as much I loved you…” Sehun was never good with words, Luhan could agree on that, but seriously, if he wasn’t feeling horrible with the break up, Sehun’s final words made him feel like he was some piece of trash that was no good for anything.

He gave everything he had to the younger man. Everything! He gave him his whole being, and in returned he ended up being dumped! He didn’t know if he should hate Kim Jongin for stealing his boyfriend away from him, but in the end he decided that hating someone whose only crime was love unconditionally was a waste of time. He should have been more aware of what was happening. Jongin was always after Sehun, how could he have missed that? Well, the answer was because Luhan was an idiot and that when he was in love he was too blind to see the world around him.

“Luhan!” He woke up from his thoughts and looked to his friend. “You’re depressing me with that expression!” Luhan tried his best not to roll his eyes when he heard the man speak. If he took Jongdae’s words seriously he would be putting half of the world into some serious case of depression. “Then let me drown on my own pity.” The Chinese man complained but Jongdae just rolled his eyes. “Seriously, keep looking like a lost lamb and I’m kicking your face!” Luhan knew his friend wasn’t this violent. He was just trying to cheer him up, in his own way. “You’ll like it! I heard the singer performing today is awesome…” Awesome…yeah…That was exactly what he needed. This night to be awesome. “And I’m pretty sure I’m going to score tonight!” Jongdae said with a smile from ear to ear. Luhan couldn’t wait for this night to be over.

Once in the bar and after ordering their drinks, the couple of friends sat on the chairs close to the bar, surrounded by a huge crowd. “This guy must be seriously famous! Look at the people around here!” Jongdae said but Luhan just ignored. Who cared if the singer was famous or not? He certainly didn’t. He just kept on drinking his scotch and hear his friend talk none stop, like always. He admired how Jongdae was always smiling, always happy. Even when he was sad he managed to have a very happy smile on his face, which Luhan couldn’t help but find it rather strange. How was it possible to be smiling all the time?

“Look, that cute girl is looking at you!” Jongdae said. Luhan looked up and saw a very pretty girl checking him out, with a very bright smile on her face. All he did was ignore and look back down to his drink, making the girl lose her smile, very disappointed. “I dated a guy for 2years. I thought by now you knew girls aren’t my thing.” Jongdae opened his mouth to speak but closed it right away. He had no argument against those words, for sure. He just wanted his friend to have a good time, he didn’t care with whom! He just wanted his friend to show that happy smile, meet someone and get laid. For all he cared, Luhan could have a one night stand. His friend hated those things, but damn it, he had to get rid of that depression of his! “…Well, there’s this handsome guy checking you out too!”

Luhan rolled his eyes. He didn’t care. He didn’t about girls or guys. He just wanted to go back home. He just wanted to crawl under his sheets, sleep and wish that he would wake up with Sehun next to him; that everything that happened was nothing but a dream. Sehun had left him for almost a week.  If he was going to comeback, he would have done it by now. “God I’m pathetic!” He whispered and drank his drink almost in one shot. He could feel the hot liquor down his throat and for moments he could swear that it eased the pain he was feeling inside his heart. “Great, I’ll become an alcoholic.” Jongdae kept listening to his friend speak to himself, and decided he should just let him be. The way Luhan was looking at his glass it looked like he couldn’t be disturbed at.

Suddenly the bar went complete silent and dark. Small steps were heard and in a second, the stage had light all over. The crowd was looking at it like the most amazing thing was about to happen, while Luhan kept on looking to his cell phone or to his drink. He really didn’t want to be there. He didn’t even look up when he started hearing the instruments being played. He didn’t look up when everyone started clapping and shouting a name. All Luhan could hear was Nam something. Probably the artist’s name, but honestly who cared? Judging by the amount of women that were in the club, the singer was a pretty face. “…Bet he can’t sing for his life…” He whispered to himself as he made a small sign to the bartender to keep filling his glass. He wasn’t a man who liked alcohol, but since Jongdae was paying, why not? At least it was a good way to pass the time while the concert went through.

The screams around him were actually making his head hurt, and it didn’t help that Jongdae was the loudest of them all. He never imagined that his friend could be such a fan-girl over a guy that sang at bars as a living. Okay, maybe he was being mean. Maybe the guy wasn’t lucky to be accepted in a company like many others, but still! Why in the world was he making a living by singing in bars? The only audience he would get would be drunken people and some seriously loud, needy women who were willing to go to bed with him. All he had to do was snap his fingers and it was done. “….not very different from an idol actually…” He whispered to himself and drank a little more.

He kept himself in his own little world, ignoring the screams and shouts from Jongdae. He didn’t want to be there! He didn’t want to watch some cheap ass concert! For that, he would go to youtube, search for a singer and watch bad quality videos. “…I’m seriously negative today!”  He wasn’t the most positive person in the world to start with, but he had to admit that night, he was being worse than usual.

It wasn’t until he heard a deep, velvety voice sing that he looked up. He raised his brow as he kept on hearing that perfect melody, that amazing voice singing. Nothing prepared him for what he was about to see. The man singing…the man that attracted so many people was simply…beautiful! He had messy raven hair, beautiful white skin and eyes…eyes that sparkled more than stars, eyes that spoke louder than words. He was indeed idol material, from head to toe. He could understand why so many girls, and Jongdae, spent their money going to his concerts. He was indeed something out of this world, and he couldn’t take his eyes off the singer, not even if he tried.

Luhan kept on looking to the man in front of him and he couldn’t help but feel like time had stopped.  Everything around him disappeared and it was just him and the singer. Everything just seemed to get worse when the singer looked directly at him.  Luhan didn’t even realize he was holding a breath until he saw the singer smile at him. That smile…was just for him! The man was looking at him and smiling at him! Was such thing even possible? Those eyes…just had him trapped…completely trapped. He could stare at that man forever; not to mention he could he listen to his voice for all eternity.

The man kept singing, his voice always serious. It was like he didn’t want to be there, it was like he was being forced to sing to all those noisy people. He was singing a ballad for god’s sake; couldn’t those people show a little respect? At least that was what Luhan thought as he kept focusing on that wonderful voice. “...Rude…” He whispered and before Luhan knew it, his eyes meet the singer’s. At that simple action happened, he could feel his legs turn into jelly. It was something he wasn’t expecting. He could feel the noisy crowd become completely silent. He could feel the noise around him disappear completely and all he could hear was the velvet voice and nothing else.

As he kept watching the singer, all he could see was how those eyes were changing. That bored look disappeared completely and was replaced by a warm stare. Luhan was pretty sure that his bones turned into goo by this point. How was even possible? He was sure that things like these only happened in movies. He was positive that things like these only happened to people in movies. He was positive. The singer kept on looking at him and he was sure that in seconds he was going to wake up. He had to, because no human being would look at him with such warm eyes. He could feel butterflies all around his stomach and was sure that he had his head spinning. The only explanation was the alcohol. He drank too much…he drank too much and now he was seeing things that didn’t exist…right?

“Luhan…” He ignored and kept himself on his own world.  He kept on thinking about the singer and his beautiful voice. It was just…beautiful, amazing, and perfect. What else could he say to describe it? “LUHAN!” The Chinese man jumped from his sit and looked with wide eyes to his friend who was staring at him with a worried expression. “What?” He asked annoyed. He hated when people screamed his name. the world didn’t know what he was called, did they? “Someone is cranky!” Jongdae said with a smirk on his face and Luhan glared at him, not liking that smirk one bit. “What do you want?” He asked as he drank the rest of his drink that for moments he completely forgot it existed.

Jongdae smiled even more and placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Concert is over! Time to go!” What? Already over? You’re saying that Luhan spent a whole freaking hour just staring at some singer? Seriously? Was such thing even possible? The last thing he remember was stare to the singer and look into his eyes. He didn’t saw the concert end and he was sure that the singer didn’t left the stage! He looked to the stage and saw it was completely empty. Seriously? How was that even possible? How could he not notice? He was looking to the singer for god’s sake! How could he not notice him leaving?  Was he really that distracted?

“Earth to Luhan, earth to Luhan!” Jongdae glared to his friend. He hated to be ignored, and now Luhan looked like his soul had left his body and wasn’t going coming back. “Luhan, wake up! You’re scaring the hell out of me!” The Chinese man stood still on his chair, looking to nowhere special and now Jongdae was beginning to get scared. Luhan looked to him and looked beyond lost. “…Sorry, I was thinking about something.” Jongdae took a long breathe, happy that his friend was alive. Luhan got up and while fixing his shirt, his friend continued looking at him. “Seriously dude yo-“Jongdae stopped his speech and Luhan raised a brow not understanding what the hell was happening. Why was his friend so weird? He passed a hand right in front of Jongdae, wanting his friend to look at him. “Now you’re the one scaring me! What’s wrong?” Luhan asked and the other man continued on not making any sense.

  “W…W…W….” He started and Luhan kept on staring at him. “Snap out of it!” Luhan said but all his friend did was point to the man that was walking towards them. Luhan turned and looked at where his friend was pointing at. “If I get scared, I’ll destroy you!” Luhan warned but Jongdae just ignored. As soon as the Chinese man saw what his friend was seeing, he felt his cheeks burn and his heart stop as soon he saw the man close to him. Those same eyes that he was looking at moments ago were now staring at him again. God, why was this man making everything so…strange? “Hi.” His voice was pure velvet and Luhan was sure that he had melted into a complete mess. This man was just…beyond breath taking. He had a power. Luhan was sure of it. Luhan was also sure he was an alien and wasn’t supposed to live one earth. Why was he so weird? “Y…You’re…Nam Woohyun!”

Jongdae sounded like a crazy fangirl but Luhan couldn’t care less. All he cared was that the perfect man was standing right in front of him. “Guilty.” He said with a small smile, not even bothering to look at Jongdae. All he could see in front of him was Luhan and the Chinese man could feel the stare on him. He wasn’t an idiot. He could be stupid at one point and dense, but he knew when a man was checking him out. And right now, this man was checking him out like there was no tomorrow. Woohyun smiled a little more and looked to Jongdae with the same smile that melted so many girls a while ago. “..Would you mind if I talked to your friend for a second?”

Jongdae grabbed Luhan’s shoulders and held him seriously tightly. Luhan was sure that his friend would say no and the two of them would make their way out of the club, bus instead something else happened. “Of course! He’s all yours!” The Chinese man opened his eyes widely and could swear that his mouth was hanging out open. What the hell? Since when did his friend sold him out like that? “Jongdae!” Luhan was shocked at his friend sudden action. “Don’t do this to me! Get laid with this guy! You need this!” He whispered and Luhan wanted to protest, he really did, but before he could say anything Jongdae pulled away and gave a bright smile. “Bye! Have fun you two!” the Chinese man couldn’t believe what just happened and he was scared to ask because honestly, he was tired of trying to understand his friend. “…Your friend is…nice.”

“…Yeah sure…nice…”  Luhan said but kept looking down his hands, not being able to look at the gorgeous man in front of him.  Seriously, the way Woohyun was looking at him couldn’t possibly be called normal. It just couldn’t. “…My name is Nam Woohyun…and yours?” He asked and Luhan could feel his heart on his mouth. Why the hell was he so nervous? Not even when he went on his first date he felt like that. Not even when he meet Sehun and felt in love at first sight, like he said he did, he felt this nervous. He could swear the floor under his feet was going to open sooner or later and he was going to fall. “…L...Lu...Lu...”

Woohyun raised a brow and couldn’t hide his bright smile. He was founding this situation too amusing. Luhan’s facial expressions weren’t helping one bit either. “Your name is Lulu? It’s adorable!” Luhan felt like punching the man’s jaw. What the hell? Wasn’t enough that he was making him nervous and now he was giving him some feminine nickname? “I expected something more…manly, but Lulu fits you.” Fits him? Did Nam Woohyun just say a feminine nickname fitted him? “No! My name isn’t Lulu. My name Luhan!” Woohyun kept on smiling. He placed his elbows on the counter next to them and kept on smiling.

“Luhan…it’s even cuter…” God this man was the epiphany of greasiness. If there was such a thing to begin with. “You aren’t Korean are you? Your Korean is a little…broken.” Not only was this man greasy but a Sherlock Holmes, without a doubt. “I’m Chinese. I moved to Seoul a couple of years ago.” Luhan said but couldn’t help but smile a little. He had no reasons to smile, but for some reason he couldn’t help it. He just kept on looking to the singer next to him and saw that bright smile. “So Luhan..” He started. “Was that friend of yours your boyfriend?” Seriously? Did he just asked that? “If he was, he wouldn’t do what he did.” Luhan made a small pause. “I had a boyfriend…but we broke up. He found someone else.” Woohyun showed a very compassionate expression, like he knew how that felt, but Luhan was sure a man like Nam Woohyun never got dumped in his whole life.”So, single?” Luhan nodded. “Cute and single…exactly my type.”

Luhan was sure he imagined those last words. Was it possible for someone to be so…frontal? He looked to Woohyun again and saw his bright smile turn into a smirk. “So…Luhan…what do you say…about us leaving this crowded, noisy bar…and just know each other a little bit more?” All Luhan could do was nod like a maniac and leave Woohyun smile even more. There was something about this man that made his heart skip beats, but he was willing to have more of that. He wouldn’t mind at all. “I’ll take all that enthusiasm and pretend you said yes.” He really didn’t have to pretend, did he? Luhan was more than willing to go with Woohyun wherever he wanted to go. It was stupid, but he was willing. Slowly Woohyun grabbed Luhan’s hand, surprising the blond man. Luhan looked to his hand and then to the man next to him. He looked at those eyes and could feel his heart skip millions of beats. He was going to die! He was going to die, he was sure of it. He could feel his whole face burn and couldn’t think about proper sentences. And everything got worst when Woohyun came closer and whispered to his ear. “I hope we become good friend…Lulu…&rdquo

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