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1.>  I'm Portuguese, born in Portugal! nothing really interesting. Mother side of the family is from Brazil, Europe, Africa...a mess. Dad's all Portuguese

2.>  I can speak 4languages, Portuguese, English, Spanish and French. My parents can speak those too and my Dad also speaks Russian and German. We like to learn.

3.>  I guess last year I turned legal...now taking advantage of it and taking my drivers license

4.>  Since I was 10 I've been wishing, (almost dying) to go to Korea. Money is fucked up!

5.> er...For me everyone is the same. Color, race, doesn't matter. We're all the same!

6.>  I have a kinda bohemian life stile, idk.  I like to paint, I like to draw and write while having my music blasting on the building.

7.>  As everyone knows, SHINee SuJu and DBSK are my fav bands. I don't listen to "new" ones. Not that I don't like them, I just got tired, especially of girl bands. for me the last girl band was After School.

8.>  No need to say who my bias are. Yesung and Jonghyun!

9.>  I don't like hypocrite people. Or stupid people who act like total idiots and support idiotic ideas. And these kind of people get on my nerves!

  I'm a social person, who doesn't have many people to socialize with!

11.>  If people come to me when I'm in a bad mood that person will wish hell before being with me.

12.>  I've a very blunt personality. Like it very good, don't like kiss my ass

13.>  I take pictures for fun but I found a passion to take editorial pictures.

14.> if I don't have a pen and a piece of paper I go crazy!

15.>  I do get bored easily! And that makes me a very random person!

16.>  I hate to stay home without doing a thing! last time that happened I painted the walls of my room.

17.> .................who else is getting bored??

18.> I'm moving to another city! FINALLY!

19.>  My laptop has my life!

20.>  me and children...I don't give them attention and they love me....why?

  My allergies kill me! My allergies hate me! that's final!

22.>  As you all know I love writing! I don't even care about my stupid grammar!

23.> So yeah I smoke! What's with that?


25.>  I love to annoy people! you bet I do!

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